A little planning will keep you on a healthier track!

It’s easy to get tied up in quick-fix foods. The convenience of having snacks in your kitchen cupboard at home or in a machine near your desk at your disposal is tempting. Proximity makes the desire to indulge in these unhealthy cravings hard to combat. The past 2+ years at home certainly generated enough stress to send us into marathon snack baking and comfort food binges! And with many of us returning to the office and traveling again, preventing skipped meals, or not being prepared may take a bit of relearning. With a little help, you can say goodbye to junk food forever. It takes a little dedication and guidance. 

Read on for quick tips to say goodbye to junk food, forever! 

1. Make a grocery list with the exact ingredients you need for the healthiest meals you can make.

Stick to that list and deviate very little if at all. Most junk food is purchased while wandering the aisles of your grocery store on an empty stomach, so make sure you eat before your shopping trip! Using a grocery shopping and delivery service like Instacart can also help curb any impulse purchases. Also, be sure to purchase a plentiful quantity of fruits and vegetables. Whole unprocessed foods such as fruits and vegetables should make up a large portion of your diet. Consuming too much meat or not enough produce may result in hormone imbalances and vitamin deficiencies depending on your metabolic type. (Click here to download your free Healthy Balance Food Log and learn What’s the Right Diet for You to find out if you need more protein or carbs in your diet to feel your best!)

2. Have “quick-grab” breakfast options available! This includes smoothies! It takes approximately 90 seconds to pulse and puree a smoothie loaded with fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats! 

4 Ways to Say Goodbye to Junk Food – Forever
A little planning will keep you on a healthier track

Quick Tip: Sometimes, the thought of preparing and measuring out all of my smoothie ingredients when I’m busy is not ideal. Instead, try this speedy grab-and-go method with a little planning. Prep and chop your fruit and veggie smoothie ingredients ahead of time in batches and freeze in individual serving portions. If you have a mix of powders you like to use, such as a collagen protein powder + Maca + mushroom powder, measure that out and combine into individually portioned containers you keep in your cupboard or next to your blender. Then all you need to do is grab the produce container out of the freezer, almond milk out of the fridge, and powder mixture, throw it all in your blender, and go!

You can also make-ahead banana muffins using almond or coconut flour for the week or your own egg and veggie single-serve “muffins” instead. At-home preparations ensure you are eating the highest quality ingredients without the extra chemicals and synthetic ingredients found in most grocery stores. Your local health food store should also carry organic berry granola cereal that can be eaten fairly quickly in the morning with organic almond milk! The possibilities are endless and breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

3. Along with grab-and-go breakfast options, pack your lunch and snacks for the time you will spend away from home or are just too busy working at home to stop and cook. 

Wash and slice strawberries, grab a banana, handful of nuts, or unsweetened dried fruit such as mango. Not only are these options fulfilling, but they are healthy! Much healthier than that chocolate bar or the pack of chips in the vending machine! 

If you are running short on time, search for healthy prepared meal delivery services such as Fresh n’ Lean, Paleo on the Go, or Daily Harvest. There may be other convenient local services in your area. These programs are more likely to have organic and whole food meal options that will ensure you stay on track with your clean-eating diet! When I have big projects that take up a lot of my time and I’m too tired and frazzled to cook, I will rely on these healthy delivery service meals I can grab out of the fridge or freezer to avoid making a hangry pizza order! 

4. Hold yourself accountable. Make a goal to eat clean for a certain number of days. 

Keep a magnetic goal board on your fridge you can check off each day. After you’ve reached this goal, set another goal! Before you know it, you can rely solely on self-control and the habit to eat clean! Goals are always a great way to demonstrate your progress! (Click to read up on 6 Steps to Help You Commit to Your Goals here.)

Eating clean will come naturally to you. With the right amount of motivation and dedication to your health, you can do anything you desire! Just make sure that clean eating is a priority and follow these tips! You’ll be a clean-eating pro in no time! (Want more help, click to check out 7 Easy Steps for Getting healthy Living Back on Track here.)

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