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Is This You?

Do you want to stop feeling:

√ Too tired and unmotivated to fully engage physically and emotionally with your career, relationships, family, and friends?

√ Depressed because you are being told “everything’s normal” and it’s all in your head, yet you always feel exhausted?

√ Frustrated trying one thing after the other, but still can’t get answers you need to feel and look like yourself again?

Your body is telling you something is wrong, stop ignoring the signs! I can help.

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner and Integrative Nutrition® Holistic Health Coach, I support midlife, entrepreneurial women who want to take back control of their fatigue, weight, and digestive health concerns naturally, by providing access to the right lab tests and resources so they can restore their spark and business vitality, look and feel good in their body again, and return to doing the things they love.

My Personal Experience

Through my personal experience, training, and expertise, I understand the issues my entrepreneurial clients come to me for help with. I have worked with midlife businesswomen and solopreneurs burnt out and struggling to keep up with their work and family because they are so tired. They are frustrated they can’t workout, see friends, or be with their loved ones like they want to. They feel like a failure, not hitting their goals, and letting themselves down.

These women are dealing with their loss of interest in work and life in general, plus a whole host of health issues that always seem to have appeared out of the blue for no known reason.

  • Chronic fatigue, poor sleep
  • Brain fog, unable to focus
  • Digestion problems, bloat
  • Stubborn weight, belly fat
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Rashes, acne
  • Aches and pains
  • Low thyroid
  • Diminished sex drive
  • Other autoimmune or health issues

If you are committed to making

your health a top priority, then my

health coaching programs can

help you:

If you are committed to making your health a top priority, then my health coaching programs can help you

√ Learn which foods are best for your body to instantly boost your energy and motivation, and eliminate belly bloat and discomfort

√ Assess wellness-building opportunities, using functional lab testing, to get your spark and business drive back

√ Create a realistic and sustainable lifestyle that allows you to live your life normally while returning to your ideal health and weight

In addition, you will:

√ Find ways to sleep more restfully at night and reduce your stress during the day to increase your energy and focus levels

√ Receive the resources, accountability, and sounding board you need to stick with the program and get results

√ Set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting

√ Connect with your true desires and face the “No’s” that might be getting in your way

√ Adopt a personalized, step-by-step, self-care plan you can take on in your busy life

The #1 result my clients experience is they take back control of their health, weight, and energy so they can finally be happy with how their body looks, feels, and performs and return their focus on doing what matters most. What’s more, they experience some deeper core benefits like:

  Feeling truly supported, heard and validated.

  No longer believing they’re a failure and unable to participate fully in their life.

√  Increased self-esteem and a new sense of personal empowerment, and back to being themself.