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Are you a self-employed women over 40 looking to eliminate your business-interfering chronic fatigue so you can kick-butt at work, take care of your clients and family, and fully engage in your life again?

You're in the right place!

At Creative Balance Health you get direct coaching, accountability, clinical lab testing, plus convenient apps to identify what’s causing your exhaustion and any digestion issues with a personalized diet and lifestyle plan that fits your busy schedule.

Wake up refreshed and ready to go, ditch the bloat and toxic pounds! Telehealth anywhere in the US/Canada.

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Hello, self-employed women over 40!

You’re a driven problem solver, always putting your clients and family first, constantly seeking personal growth, staying active, and making a meaningful impact in your community.

You have BIG goals, from clinching that pivotal business deal to relishing a romantic European foodie getaway or leading the annual fundraiser for a cause dear to your heart.

Your life and happiness are found in making things happen.

Happy healthy female entrepreneurs networking

But lately (or maybe longer...)

Stressed and tired woman
  • You feel unproductive because you don’t have the energy and focus you used to. You put things off because you’re too lethargic and are getting scared your business is suffering.
  • You wake up exhausted and groggy, even when you manage to get 8 hours of sleep. Your sleep is often interrupted by hot flashes, night sweats, bouts of gas, or stomach upsets. You drink too much coffee and crave sugar, desperate for anything that helps to give you energy.
  • You’re often too worn out, canceling plans, and making excuses because you don’t feel well and instead
    find yourself wasting time crashing on the couch napping. You suspect your friends, family, and clients are starting to worry and feel let down.
  • You are too drained to work out and keep active as you anxiously watch your waistline expand and your weight creep up. What once energized you now leaves you depleted and aching for days (or even weeks).
  • Nothing you do seems to make any difference in how you feel or look. You’re concerned you’re wasting valuable time on your health instead of focusing on the projects and people that matter most to you.

If you’re being honest with yourself…

it feels like you’re letting yourself and everyone around you down on an endless trial-and-error cycle of feeling sluggish and physically uncomfortable, and no miracle cleanse,  hot social-media-endorsed diet, or sure-thing supplement seems to make any lasting improvement.


Claire Stanley of Creative Balance Health, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner greater Seattle area

Hi! I'm Claire...

…and I’ve been in your shoes, feeling soul-crushing fatigue and bloating, and frustrated wondering, “Will I ever get better?”

In 2005, traditional healthcare failed me; I felt no one listened or took my symptoms seriously. Balancing a business and family, all I wanted was to be myself again—play tennis, enjoy family and friends, and excel in my career.

Then, a revelation. A friend introduced an article on food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, and the “leaky gut.” I was shocked by available tests that could identify why my body wasn’t functioning right, plus diet and lifestyle shifts I could adopt to combat fatigue.

Upon testing, the results were eye-opening: adrenal fatigue, an inflamed digestive system, gluten and dairy sensitivities, and a hypothyroid autoimmune condition. This newfound knowledge led to impactful changes that rejuvenated my energy, productivity, and life.

This transformative journey inspired me to become a health coach, guiding countless women to rediscover their energy and overcome digestive challenges. 

Does my story sound like yours? If so, I’m here to help!

Here's How I Can Help! My Signature Program...

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Who is this program for?

Who is this program not for?

If you want to experience more energy and mental sharpness, and fully engage with your career and loved ones again, then Fatigue Fix + Focus Formula is a perfect place for you to start!


Healthy happy woman working with lots of energy

…without having to count calories, give up all your favorite foods, or make self-care your full-time job?

It’s absolutely possible. Let me show you how!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) is a fundamental way of looking at health, a type of detective work that seeks to identify the underlying conditions and contributors of disease instead of treating symptoms. We try to avoid diagnosing and treating disease and try very hard to help each client “rebuild health”, allowing us to help just about anybody in any condition.

We use high quality functional lab work to investigate underlying malfunctions of the digestive tract and mucosal barrier, detoxification systems, metabolic processes, absorption and assimilation, immune and defense mechanisms and steroid hormone balance to name a few.

We identify wellness opportunities and engage each client in a health building process using the potent, proven, professional protocols in our 5-Step Energized Health Success Method. This includes Diet, Rest, Exercise, Supplements and Stress Reduction.

This natural, holistic approach yields the highest level of positive clinical outcomes. We don’t medicate, we educate!

“FDN is an emerging field and growing body of work that bridges the gap between clinical nutrition and functional medicine.” – Reed Davis, Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®

Yes, you have malfunctions at the contributing to your health complaints which we can identify using functional lab work.

Most clients have no idea what is causing their health complaints and neither do their doctors. Many people have been chasing their symptoms for years because other providers can’t find the cause or don’t bother to even look for it.

FDN health detectives use functional diagnostic lab work to identify malfunctions at the causal level and engage our clients in a health improvement process.

Yes, as long as you are as committed to restoring health as we are. We’re here for all the right reasons.

FDN protocols are based on healing opportunities, not treating symptoms. It takes time to rebuild, repair or restore normal function to ones cells, organs or systems. Balancing body chemistry, detoxification, improving digestion and assimilation and immune boosting each come with challenges that require persistence and possible course corrections.

Restoring hormone balance may happen soon in some people and take more time in others due to how we each respond to our own chronic stress factors.

Yes. We’ve helped thousands of people reach their best level of health in many years. Many clients have completely resolved their health complaints even if they were previously diagnosed with serious medical conditions.

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, I am trained to address any condition in the body by taking an underlying conditions and contributors approach which is why I have been so successful at helping people with a wide array of health-related problems.

Yes! Absolutely! I know how busy you are. My clients, local and across the country, actually prefer the convenience of working together virtually. Coaching sessions are held over Zoom, or other video conferencing platforms, or on the phone. Lab test kits will be sent directly to you and most of the tests can even be done at home. Any materials or resources that are included with the corresponding coaching program you are enrolled in will also be shipped directly to your address.

During our initial conversations and/or Health Discovery Session, together we will identify if this is an appropriate fit. So, before you say “Yes”, you will have a sample of what the coaching experience will be like. Until then, click on my About or Work with Me pages to learn more about myself and my approach in coaching.

  1. A partner in bringing out your best,  deepest, and  truest  self.
  2. Provide safety, encouragement and support; an environment in which you can relax and explore.
  3. Respect the confidentiality of the agreements we make.
  4. Expand your view of what is possible and promote discovery of new insights.
  5. Give you input, straight feedback and operate as a sounding board.
  6. Listen carefully to what you say and ask questions that increase awareness.
  7. Be an ongoing resource for you in accomplishing your intentions.

If you are interested in beginning the coaching process, please click here to schedule so we can arrange our free 30-minute initial Health Discovery Session to further explore the details of the coaching relationship.

I will send you a brief questionnaire to complete in full detail regarding your current health complaint(s) and goals. If you have any recent (within the past 6 months) lab reports you wish me to see, I may also take that into account for our appointment. You will need to submit this information to me at least 24 hours prior to our scheduled Health Discovery session so I have sufficient time to review. The purpose of the complementary Health Discovery Session is to review and determine how my programs may help you and if we both feel we are a good fit to work together for your success.

Typically the answer is no, unless your practitioner is a Functional Medicine doctor or naturopath who uses the same laboratories and panels I do, and the results are recent within the past year, ideally the past 6 months. Most traditional medical doctors are not familiar with functional lab testing because unlike conventional testing that is trying to answer “what” is wrong, functional testing is looking for “why”. Most physicians will not run as thorough panels as I will run and might miss important information a more in-depth panel will detect. In addition, conventional doctors and labs use lab ranges that are derived from the average health of the general population. Given the current epidemic of obesity, diabetes, high blood sugar, and hypertension, being within “normal” lab ranges is not a very high bar to assess your health by. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® methodologies work with much narrower functional lab ranges based on optimal health.

Because I work one-on-one and everyone’s goals and health and financial situations are different, I offer a variety of programs at different price points. Because the costs will also depend on which functional lab tests we decide to use, I have you do a complimentary Health Discovery consultation with me so we can determine which program will best fit your needs and if we have a good fit to work together, first. Also, depending on the program and your situation, payment plans may be an option.

You will need to check first with your insurance carrier, place of work, or any other establishment from which you have your FSA/HSA account to determine elegibility. I can provide you with a Statement for my health coaching services that you may submit to your plan provider for reimbursement, but it will not have any of the Diagnosis or CPT codes you most likely will need. It will be up to you to collect that. You may be able to use your FSA/HSA account towards any fees for referred Laboratory Test or supplements you order, but it will be your responsibility to check with your plan provider first for terms and conditions. I can offer no promises or guarantees, and will bear no responsibility, regarding your FSA/HSA reimbursement or account usage.

The short answer is “no”. You will have to pay for my services like any other personal service, and then at best hope to get reimbursed by your insurance company. Most insurance will probably not cover my services and I do not do any type of insurance billing or benefits eligibility checking or inquiry. There are a very select few Laboratories I use that may accept your insurance when you order their tests, but there is no guarantee on how much of the fee will be covered or reimbursed since your coverage, deductibles, and other factors will come into account. I can provide you with a Statement that you may submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement, but it will not have any of the Diagnosis or CPT codes you most likely will need. It will be up to you to collect that. I can offer no promises or guarantees, and will bear no responsibility, regarding your insurance reimbursement or coverage.

These programs are informational only and are about you taking positive, consistent action to develop a powerful foundation of simple lifestyle habits to improve your health. If you participate fully, you should get the kind of results outlined. If you do not show up 100% for the sessions or follow through on the commitments we’ve made together, the only guarantee is that it will not work for you!

I do not make any guarantees because I have no control over your commitment, compliance, or dedication towards reaching your goals.

I do not offer a refund. I have given this a lot of thought, and in my experience my clients always seem to do better without it. This is to help you commit to and be accountable for the investment towards your health you are making and to encourage your success.

One of the purposes of the initial complimentary Health Discovery Session is for you to ask questions and determine whether my programs and our working together will be good fit. My time is limited and reserved for my existing dedicated clients and I know your time is also very valuable and not something to waste.

If you are unsure of your own level of commitment, I offer shorter programs that may be more appropriate for your current situation, state of mind, or desire to feel better.