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The purpose of the 30 minute (over Zoom) Health Discovery Session information call is to discuss your current health challenges and goals. At the time of booking you’ll fill out a short health questionnaire. During the no-obligation call we’ll review and chat about any potential healing opportunities you could explore to start feeling better. I’ll let you know if I think we’d be a good fit working together, and if everything sounds good, how to get signed up for your first session.

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The 4-Month Personal One-to-One Program for women who want to eliminate business-interfering chronic fatigue so they can reclaim their ‘Get-Stuff-Done’ energy. Restore productivity and focus, and get back to participating in all of the family, social, and physical activities you enjoy.


There are few programs out there for fatigue since most practitioners are confused about the “why?” The ones that do exist fail to seek the deeper root causes.

Instead, they recommend random supplements, “cleanses”, and diets that don’t fix the actual problem. That’s not going to work!

Fatigue Fix + Focus Formula uses customized clinical lab testing to delve deep. It introduces you to the 5-Step Energized Health Success Method, combining whole-body nutrition with simple lifestyle shifts. This approach pinpoints the true causes of your fatigue, saving you from wasting money and time on supplements and practices that don’t work long-term.

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Claire Stanley of Creative Balance Health, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner greater Seattle area
  • I’ve been in your shoes! I’ve suffered from chronic fatigue and brain fog and recovered
  • I’ve spent years studying the underlying contributors of exhaustion
  • I’m trained in Functional Lab Testing so I can uncover the underlying causes making you so tired
  • I’ve helped women like you for over a decade to recover from feeling sluggish
  • I’m 100% results-driven – I am deeply committed to your health transformation
  • I’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know and help you implement it
  • I understand your struggle and want you to succeed


When you enroll in Fatigue Fix + Focus Formula, we’ll start with targeted lab testing and health assessments to identify what’s driving your fatigue. I’ll develop a plan specifically designed to restore your energy. From there, I’ll guide you through the 5-Step Energized Health Success Method

Fatigue Fix + Focus Formula Logo - Creative Balance Health - Claire Stanley, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Professional
Image of tired woman - energy detective - identifying fatigue culprits - Fatigue Fix + Focus Formula Program

PRELIMINARY PHASE: Energy Detective – Identifying Fatigue Culprits

We begin with energy detective sleuthing looking for lethargy clues and patterns in your health and lifestyle, past and present. Testing, not guessing! Instead of chasing symptoms with temporary fixes, we want to know the whys, wheres, and hows that are the root causes behind your fatigue. Deep dive assessments and concrete data from the GI-MAP stool test gathered here will be used to create your personalized Energy Recovery Protocol Plan.

Image of healthy woman - Setting successful energizing habits and routines - Fatigue Fix + Focus Formula Program

FOUNDATIONAL PREP: Setting Successful Energizing Habits & Routines

Chances are, you’ve tried other diets and plans before getting here, only to lose motivation and consistency after a few weeks. Here we start strong with the tools you need to set up a strong foundation connecting you with your goals and commitments, a 5-Day Healthy Habit Building Kickstart, and the From Stuck-to-Success Survey Tool to quickly bust through any hidden mental blocks that might get in your way as you go through the program steps.


In Step 1, we'll prioritize clean eating for energy recovery without deprivation. You’re busy and need quick solutions! I'll simplify meal planning and set you up with the Real Plans® app, making it easy to select, shop, and prepare diet-compliant meals you'll love. You'll learn to fire up your metabolism and maintain focus with your ideal mix of high-energy foods, managing snack cravings and emotional eating with healthy choices.
Learn more about Real Plans®


Getting quality, consistent sleep helps with all aspects of your health and well-being. In Step 2, I will teach you 10 practical tips to improve your ability to rest, repair, and restore for better physical and mental performance and non-stop energy. Fall asleep faster, wake up feeling well-rested in the morning, achieve sustainable energy levels throughout the day, and restore health.


I'll guide you to tailor an exercise routine that enhances physical health and mental well-being as you age, focusing on detoxification, weight, strength, flexibility, and mood. Step 3 ensures your chosen activities prevent burnout and promote energy recovery, with tips for creating a sustainable, effective fitness plan you’ll enjoy.


In Step 4, you'll learn to tune into your emotions, shift from overdrive, and relieve stress. We'll explore self-care to quickly energize and heal. Since environmental toxins are major fatigue factors, I'll guide you on safely eliminating them and reinvigorating your cells for renewed energy and productivity.


Receive an individually tailored, targeted, and monitored quality supplementation protocol that addresses your lab-test-identified healing opportunities. In this step, and throughout the entire program, we will fill in any nutritional gaps with natural support recommendations to help your body absorb any missing nutrients, stimulate proper function, and provide short-term therapeutic aid to help restore restful sleep and whole-body vibrancy.


The key to feeling your best starts with your gut! This comprehensive at-home DNA stool test provides valuable information about your gut microbiome health, digestive function, and immune response strength. It detects harmful gut pathogens, bacteria levels, h. pylori, potential autoimmune triggers, parasites, fungal infections (Candida), leaky gut and other known energy drainers and hormone disrupters.

Once your test results are in, we’ll get together for an extended session around the 7th week of the program to go over your personal Report of Findings, which includes a video interpretation of your test results, and Energy Recovery Protocol, a customized recommendation dietary, supplement, and lifestyle plan specific to your situation.

We’ll get together via Zoom every 2 weeks to celebrate your wins and discuss your progress with the 5-Step Energized Health Success Method. I’ll be there to help you troubleshoot problems, provide encouragement, and hold you accountable. My goal is to support you at the deepest level and keep you on track so you can ditch that terrible fatigue and get your energy back as quickly as possible. You’ll receive session notes with a video recording you can refer back to.

Got a question in between calls? Need support? I’ll be there to answer your direct messages Monday through Friday. Within 1 business day, I’ll respond to support you in whatever way I can. You’ll never have to feel alone again.

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to fall off the wagon when you’re the only one keeping yourself accountable. Between sessions, I’ll check in with you, answer any questions that come up, and make sure that you’re staying on track and following the Energized Health Method. And if you do fall off track? I’ll be there to help you come up with a realistic plan to get you back on track.

All of your coaching sessions, program materials, lessons, lab test results, protocols, Food, Mood & Lifestyle Journal, reminders, and direct message communication in one private, confidential, and convenient location. Free Practice Better® app so you can access all of this from your computer as well as from your smartphone, tablet, and even smartwatch, no matter where your busy life takes you!

Let’s break down what you get when you join Fatigue Fit + Focus Formula Program

Your Personalized Program Includes:

Are you ready to leave soul-crushing fatigue behind and start experiencing get-stuff-done energy instead with the 5-Step Energized Health Success Method?

Let’s ditch career and life-interfering exhaustion once and for all and do this together right now!

The Fatigue Fix + Focus Formula program launches this January with only 10 pre-qualified spots available. Book your information call now to claim your spot before the special founding member pricing goes away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

Anxious to get started? Me too! Schedule a free 30-minute Health Discovery call to discuss your health issues, apply to work together, and reserve your spot. If the good fit is mutual, we can start right away based on availability.

The program is self-paced to fit into your busy schedule. It’s recommended that we meet every 2 weeks to help you stay committed and on track for the best results. The program typically lasts 4 months, with an option to purchase additional coaching afterward.

Private one-to-one coaching sessions are conducted over Zoom and the recordings are made available by the next day in the session notes sent to you and available anytime in your personal client portal to refer back to.

While I mostly work with women aged 45-65, I also have clients I help who are male as well as those who are younger or older. I do not work with minors or with fertility issues. 

Fatigue Fix + Focus Formula does require a 4 figure investment. You’ll have the option to pay in full or access one of the generous payment plans. I have a different condensed DIY Gut Restore Energizer Program available for those who don’t need as much coaching support and are looking for a more economical option. Simply book a call and we can discuss the program and payment option that works best for your financial and commitment level situation.

The short answer is “no”. You will have to pay for my services like any other personal service. Most insurance will probably not cover my services and I do not provide any type of insurance billing or benefits eligibility checking or inquiry. Most lab testing is paid directly to the lab and while a few may accept insurance or FSA/HSA accounts, there is no guarantee on how much of the fee will be covered or reimbursed since your coverage, deductibles, and other factors will come into account. I can provide you with a Statement that you may submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement, but it will not have any of the Diagnosis or CPT codes you most likely will need. Therefore, I can offer no promises or guarantees and will bear no responsibility, regarding your insurance reimbursement or coverage.

Typically the answer is no, unless your practitioner is a Functional Medicine doctor or naturopath who uses the same laboratories and panels I do, and the results are recent within the past year, ideally the past 6 months. Most traditional medical doctors are not familiar with functional lab testing because, unlike conventional testing which tries to answer “what” is wrong, functional testing looks for “why”. Most physicians will not run as thorough panels as I will run and might miss important information a more in-depth panel will detect. In addition, conventional doctors and labs use lab ranges that are derived from the average health of the general population. Given the current epidemic of obesity, diabetes, high blood sugar, and hypertension, being within “normal” lab ranges is not a very high bar to assess your health by. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® methodologies work with much narrower functional lab ranges based on optimal health.

As your health advocate, I do not mark up the cost of lab tests, receive any commissions or financial incentive compensation, and pass along any savings I can to you. Most lab tests are paid for directly by the client after I order them. Clients are made completely aware of all costs and options available before test decisions and orders are made.

No. I will make well-researched supplement suggestions and review any you are currently taking. I offer a minimum 20% discount, as permitted by the manufacturers, on thousands of professional-grade supplements and other health-related products, via my personal Fullscript and CellCore dispensaries, that are conveniently drop-shipped to your home. You are free to purchase supplements elsewhere. 

I have seen clients experience significant improvements within two weeks of starting their protocol, but everyone is unique and different. These programs are informational only and are about you taking positive, consistent action to develop a powerful foundation of simple lifestyle habits to improve your health. If you participate fully, you should get the kind of results outlined. If you do not show up 100% for sessions scheduled every 2 weeks, respond to check-ins, communicate to me any questions or setbacks, or follow through on the commitments we’ve made together, the only guarantee is that it will not work for you!

I do not make any guarantees because I have no control over your commitment, compliance, or dedication towards reaching your goals. If you are unsure of your own level of commitment, I offer shorter programs that may be more appropriate for your current situation, state of mind, or desire to feel better.

I do not offer a refund. I have given this a lot of thought, and in my experience, my clients always seem to do better without it. This is to help you commit to and be accountable for the investment towards your health you are making and to encourage your success.

One of the purposes of the initial complimentary Health Discovery Session is for you to ask questions and determine whether my programs and our working together will be a good fit. My time is limited and reserved for my existing dedicated clients and I know your time is also very valuable and not something to waste.

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