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5 Ways to Add a Little Taste to Your Water

Drinking 2 liters each day of H2O, made easy and a lot more fun!

When the weather gets hotter and we spend more active time outdoors, it’s even more important to keep hydrated. Are you drinking at least 2 liters of water per day? Perhaps you are but are having trouble enjoying the taste, or lack of taste, in the water. Fortunately, there are several natural ways to brighten up the taste of water, without compromising the purity and nutritional value of the water itself! Additionally, infused water aids our liver and kidneys in the detoxification and cleansing of our bodies! Keeping our bodies hydrated helps us to feel more energized, improves muscle recovery, and keeps constipation away.

Read on for 5 delicious combinations to add flavor to your water and stay well-hydrated this summer! 

1. Strawberry Mojito Infused Water

Thinly slice 3 strawberries, one-half of a lemon, and 6 mint leaves. Add to one 20-ounce glass of water! This minty fresh, sweet, and tart-infused water will top the charts for “favorite infused water” this summer! Enjoy the strawberries after finishing your 20-ounce beverage! The strawberries are loaded with antioxidants, folate, and Vitamin C! Perfect additions to supplement your diet! Organic is best.

2. Sweet Lemon-Berry Infused Water

This unique twist on lemon water is sure to be a favorite this summer! Thinly slice 1 lemon, 4 dates, and 2 cups of organic blackberries (or raspberries). Place the chopped fruit into a pitcher of water- approximately 32 ounces. If you choose, you can strain the chopped fruit from the water after it has been infused long enough in the refrigerator (2-3 hours). Lemons help with digestion, berries are antioxidants, and the dates provide an all-natural sweetener without compromising your health and diet!

3. Kiwi Surprise Infused Water

Add 5 sliced kiwis to a 1-liter bottle of water (32 ounces). Refrigerate until the beverage is cold and enjoy! This basic yet delicious combination of water and kiwis is one you must try! Kiwis are loaded with Vitamin C and aid in digestion!

4. Cucumber Lavender Infused Water

Wash and thinly slice one organic cucumber. Dice one sprig of fresh lavender and add to 32 ounces of water! Refrigerate for 2-3 hours, strain, and enjoy! Cucumbers aid in flushing out toxins and lavender reduces anxiety and helps with stress. 

5. Orange Ginger Infused Water

Peel and chop 1 tablespoon of ginger and thinly slice 2 oranges. Add to 30 ounces of water and refrigerate! The ginger acts as an immune booster, and the orange helps with circulation!

Make sure you let the fruit sit in your water pitcher prior to consuming it for at least 2-3 hours! The key to infused water is to allow the fruits and vegetables to steep long enough that their minerals and vitamins let loose in the water, at the right time for you to consume! Organic fruit is ideal when possible. Remember, these recipes may be doubled to create a stronger taste, or to make a larger batch of infused water at a time! Enjoy!


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