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4 Tips to Transform Your Mind

Positivity, self-appreciation, fulfillment, and quality food fuel your mind-body health transformation

Your mind works in mysterious yet powerful ways. Your thoughts, actions, responses, and future are all affected by the mind. Transforming your mind-body health might seem like something magical or woo-woo, but it is very doable with the benefit of functioning with more energy, clarity, and motivation. Here are 4 tips for a happier, more focused, and enlightened mind. Take back control of your well-being with a mind-body health transformation to restore your spark and business vitality and feel good in your body again.

1. Train your mind and self-talk to be more positive and kinder with a growth mindset.  

Going through life with a negative mentality will only get you so far. Come across a negative in your life? Turn that into a positive. What previously worked for us in our 30s and 40s regarding exercise and diet, might once have been “ideal” but no longer serves us realistically when dealing with low energy, chronic conditions, or accumulated aches and pains. Instead of getting discouraged and quitting over not being able to do what you think is required to stay in shape by working out the old “ideal” way, train your brain to accept this circumstance as an opportunity to find a new and improved way that is doable and still brings you beneficial change. Acknowledge the all-or-nothing “ideal” thoughts when they creep into your mind and remind yourself that you know what works best and is “perfect” for you now. Do what you can do instead, there is always an option that will work for you when previous choices no longer serve. Positivity is key to transforming your mind!

2. Be in love, not just with someone else but with yourself and your life.

Contentment and appreciation come from within. Radiate compassion and gratitude onto others and focus on your inner peace and happiness. Project positivity onto others and you will transform your mind into the greatest self-love you have ever had. With time, true appreciation will come and morph into something beautiful. Just focus on appreciating yourself, and a more positive mindset towards life and others will follow. If you do a daily journal practice that begins with listing 5 things you are grateful for, follow it with 5 things you appreciate about yourself. You may be surprised how that simple reminder of what’s good with yourself can change your outlook for the rest of the day!

3. Take time to do what gives you purpose or fulfills a creative or experiential need.

A lot of times, we can get stuck in the rut of day-to-day life, working dead-end jobs that have no real meaning and value to our lives. Just getting by won’t transform your mind or outlook on life. Live your passion! Strive to set time aside for yourself with these endeavors in your daily life and open up your mind to possibilities outside of your comfort zone. Showing yourself that you matter and can do anything you put your mind to is one of the best ways to transform your mind, forever!

4. Lastly, eat clean, organic brain-food vegetables, fruits, fats, and protein!

Our bodies need pure water over caffeine, sodas, and alcohol. Feeding your brain with the highest quality whole foods will give you the greatest advantage when it comes to being cognitively sharp, focused, and alert. Processed foods that are disruptive to the healthy balance in our gut biome play a big role in the hormones associated with our feelings and mood too. Additives like sugar, preservatives, sodium, and stabilizers in processed foods can feed harmful bacteria to flourish instead, and cause an imbalance in our own bodies, which will make balancing your mind difficult. Eliminate those pesticides and added hormones. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you!

Transforming your mind isn’t magic. It’s all about shifting your outlook, your level of appreciation, self-care, and fulfillment in this world. Your cognitive function, motivation, and mood will improve plus you’ll feel better in your body. Take back control of your well-being with a mind-body health transformation to restore your spark and business vitality. You can do this!

Claire Stanley of Creative Balance Health, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner greater Seattle area

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Hi, I’m Claire Stanley, your Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Health Practitioner at Creative Balance Health. I help women over 40 eliminate their business-interfering chronic fatigue so they can restore their Get-Stuff-Done Energy and kick-butt at work, take care of their clients and family, and fully engage in their lives again. 

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