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5 Apps to Find Clean Beauty Products

Eliminate the guesswork when choosing toxin-free alternatives

Many of my clients frequently inquire about my top picks for “clean” skincare and makeup products. Given that our skin is our largest organ, it’s only logical to be as vigilant about what we put on it as we are about the food we consume. Conventional makeup can be a hidden source of toxins, with the average woman applying over 500 chemicals to her skin through her makeup routine alone. Minimizing these external toxins is crucial, not only for hormonal balance but also for reducing stress on the liver’s detoxification functions—both of which are key components of overall health and vitality.  

Radiant beauty without compromising your health.

Fortunately, an increasing number of brands are offering makeup products that are both toxin-free and effective, featuring ingredients that have been vetted for their safety and performance. These advancements are often championed by organizations committed to spotlighting healthy, toxin-free options in the beauty market. That said, sifting through the plethora of available products to find those that align with your specific needs and preferences can be daunting.

If you’re anything like me, the prospect of spending countless hours perusing product reviews and scrutinizing ingredient labels might seem tedious, if not downright overwhelming. The challenge lies in discerning genuine, informative content from the noise of marketing claims and promotional rhetoric. This is where having an evidence-based makeup and skincare ingredient checker becomes invaluable. The convenience is magnified when these tools are accessible right from your smartphone, sparing you the aimless wandering through beauty aisles in search of safe options.

Read on for my roundup of the top 5 mobile apps that I rely on for finding safe, non-toxic skincare, makeup, and even household products.

Keeping yourself informed.

The journey to a healthier, more radiant complexion begins with arming yourself with the right information and proactively selecting products that are not only clean and green but genuinely beneficial for your well-being. With an ever-growing body of research and information at our fingertips, awareness is rising about the importance of scrutinizing what we apply to our skin.

There’s a common misconception that natural makeup and skincare products are less effective, which often deters women from making the switch. While the natural cosmetics industry may be relatively new, an open-minded approach will reveal that these products can be extremely beneficial. Free from harsh chemicals and toxins, natural products often contain nutrients that can rejuvenate, refine, and repair the skin without adverse side effects. Still, it’s essential to remain vigilant, as even “clean” brands sometimes alter their ingredient lists. Utilizing ingredient checker apps can serve as an invaluable resource, alerting you if a product’s safety profile changes.

Opting for organic cosmetics provides a dual advantage: not only do you protect yourself from the harmful chemicals found in traditional makeup, but you also support sustainable, chemical-free farming practices. These organic products are formulated with eco-conscious ingredients, thereby lessening their environmental impact.

  • Think Dirty (https://thinkdirtyapp.com/) Free and one of the most popular referencing 4.5K brands and 1.4M clean beauty, personal care, and household products. Enter the name or just scan the product barcode and Think Dirty will give you easy-to-understand info on the product, its ingredients, and cleaner options.
  • EWG’s Healthy Living (Environmental Working Group) (https://www.ewg.org/apps/#) One of my favorites, this free app provides ratings for more than 120K food and personal care items. Their SkinDeep® cosmetic database lets you search for an ingredient, brand, or product to guard against potential hazards and navigate towards cleaner options.
  • CosmEthics (https://www.cosmethics.com/)   You can use the app as a barcode scanner or use the search function to find the desired product. Once you land on a product page, you will see one of three badges that indicate the level of risk based on the ingredient lists. If the product has healthier alternatives, it will make suggestions. Users can also view the full ingredient list.
  • Detox Me (https://silentspring.org/detox-me-app-tips-healthier-living) The free mobile app from Silent Spring Institute decodes product labels and finds non-toxic alternatives with a scan and provides lots of tips for a toxic-free lifestyle.
  • Good Face (https://thegoodfaceproject.com/app) With this algorithm-based, ingredient analyzer, you can learn how to choose safe ingredient skincare products based on your unique skin type, needs, and lifestyle for a personalized skincare regimen.

As the wave of natural, clean beauty gains momentum globally, an increasing number of women are discovering the myriad benefits of organic, toxin-free makeup and skincare. Not only do these products stand toe-to-toe with their conventional counterparts in terms of performance, but they also offer the added advantages of healthier, more radiant skin and a minimized environmental impact. Armed with the right knowledge and handy mobile apps for ingredient checking — as listed above — you’re well-equipped to make empowered choices for both your skin and overall well-being. Choosing toxin-free beauty products has never been more accessible, ensuring that you can achieve that coveted glow without compromising your health.

Claire Stanley of Creative Balance Health, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner greater Seattle area

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