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6 Steps To Help You Commit To Your Goals

Are you struggling with your New Year goals?

Struggle no more! I’m here to provide you with my 6 secret steps to refocus your energy and reach your goals!

1. Have two separate lists for your goals. 

The first is short-term goals. The second is long-term goals. This will help organize your goals via a timeline, which will keep you focused on what you wish to accomplish right around the corner vs. 6 months from now. I find this helps my clients to break down the objective into smaller, more realistic steps and avoid the overwhelm that can occur when a goal feels too big and unattainable.

2. Hold yourself accountable! 

Without accountability, it’s easy to wander off and lose focus on the goals ahead of us! Make a weekly to-do list to accomplish your short and long-term goals. Set a time limit to check these off of your agenda. If you don’t finish, or neglect the to-do list, hold yourself accountable, but don’t stop and give up either! 

Coaches, mastermind groups, accountability buddies, and even private social media groups are all ways to declare your goals and feel more inclined to follow through. It’s human nature that we are less likely to disappoint others than even ourselves.

3. Create S.M.A.R.T. Goals to define your vision and a clear target to aim for! 

If your horizon is a little blurry, you’re less likely to take the right, if any, leaps to the end. When your goals are clear, it’s easier for you to focus your attention on breaking the path into doable steps that directly apply to those goals. Make sure your short and long-term goals have definitive ending points and specific dates! 

4. Surround yourself with people who support your goals and visions in life. 

Having supportive friends will help to keep you focused and in line with your vision. Avoid the naysayers, especially in the beginning when you are still getting used to newly formed habits and routines.

5. Take responsibility and control your choices. 

Open up your opportunities as far as you can handle them, but oversupplying yourself with choices and opportunities could cause overwhelming feelings and difficulty staying focused. Keep things simple!

6. Post your goals somewhere you can see them every day. 

Having your lists hidden in a drawer doesn’t do any good when you only visit the drawer once a week. Try posting your goals on the refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, or your nightstand. I keep a vision board on the wall behind my office desk so I always have them in front of me at work. Having your goals readily available and accessible to view will ensure that your goals are met and always on your mind!

I keep an erasable whiteboard on my fridge for a list of weekly smart wellness goals I want to work on – in bed by 10 PM, 20-minute meditation before my morning coffee, etc. – that I check off each day as I do them. This helps me to stay accountable, but more importantly, I also give myself the grace to do better.

On the top of the board I have written, “My next healthy choice is…”.  When I mess up, as we all do, and a box doesn’t get checked off that day, instead of piling on the harsh negative self-talk, I take a moment to reflect and remind myself that if a box didn’t get checked off that day, I can try again with intention tomorrow. 

And the word “Commitment” is also written in bold letters as another helpful mantra to keep in my mind and me on course.

Follow these 6 steps and you’ll be one step ahead in your preparations to create and achieve your short and long-term goals! Goal-making isn’t difficult – it’s the commitment that takes the most work! You can do it!

I’m here to support you with your New Year health goals!

Health Discovery Sessions are free, no-obligation, private, one-to-one consultations with me where we briefly discuss your current health challenges, goals, healing opportunities, and what steps you could do next to take back control of your energy, digestion, and weight to feel like yourself again. Attendees will fill out a short health questionnaire when they sign up for their session, and we will spend most of the 30-minutes reviewing the answers, asking more questions, really listening, and providing some takeaway action steps to start feeling better, regardless of whether we move forward together into a program. 


Click to schedule your FREE 30-minute Health Discovery Session Call with me.

Location is not an issue as I see clients virtually via Zoom as well as in my Mercer Island, WA office.

Best wishes to you for a healthy new year and a new you!

Claire Stanley of Creative Balance Health, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner greater Seattle area

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Hi, I’m Claire Stanley, your Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Health Practitioner at Creative Balance Health. I help women over 40 eliminate their business-interfering chronic fatigue so they can restore their Get-Stuff-Done Energy and kick-butt at work, take care of their clients and family, and fully engage in their lives again. 

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